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File:Baby Bahamut brought home.pngFile:Bahamut's attack dissipates.pngFile:Bahamut caught by her father.png
File:Bahamut decides to come.pngFile:Bahamut defending a girl.pngFile:Bahamut distracted while playing.png
File:Bahamut fighting the bugs.pngFile:Bahamut going for a vacation.pngFile:Bahamut hit by a container.png
File:Bahamut mainpage.pngFile:Bahamut pestered by a bug.pngFile:Bahamut playing with a boy.png
File:Bahamut refuses to go.pngFile:Bahamut sad in bed.pngFile:Bahamut speaking to her father.png
File:Bahamut teasing Leviathan.pngFile:Bahamut trying to swim.pngFile:Bahamut unable to free herself.png
File:Barkeep mainpage.pngFile:Binding the lucasite.pngFile:Boy watching over.png
File:Cockatrice profile image.pngFile:Copyright-Red.svgFile:Copyright.png
File:Dragon girls ready to fight.pngFile:Eceus Ratra profile picture.pngFile:Episode 10 title.png
File:Episode 11 title.pngFile:Episode 12 title.pngFile:Episode 13 title.png
File:Episode 1 title screen.pngFile:Episode 2 title screen.pngFile:Episode 3 title screen.png
File:Episode 4 title screen.pngFile:Episode 5 title screen.pngFile:Episode 6 title screen.png
File:Episode 7 title screen.pngFile:Episode 8 title screen.pngFile:Episode 9 title.png
File:Example.jpgFile:Fairy Tail Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Favicon.ico
File:Female.pngFile:Finding lungs of Yurlungur.pngFile:Fire Drake's power returns.png
File:Fire Drake appears.pngFile:Fire Drake arrives.pngFile:Fire Drake profile picture.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Game.pngFile:Girls afraid of digestion.png
File:Girls defeat the toripu.pngFile:Girls facing the monster.pngFile:Girls overlooking the ruins.png
File:Girls tired after the trek.pngFile:Hequet explains history.pngFile:Hequet observing Leviathan.png
File:Hequet profile.pngFile:Inspecting the ruins.pngFile:Jörmungandr.png
File:Jörmungandr denting a pillar.pngFile:Jörmungandr destroying toripu.pngFile:Jörmungandr digging.png
File:Jörmungandr explains her family.pngFile:Jörmungandr introduces her family.pngFile:Jörmungandr mainpage.png
File:Jörmungandr mistaken for Bahamut.pngFile:Jörmungandr not having her ax.pngFile:Jörmungandr offers to accompany.png
File:Jörmungandr pulls off the octopus.pngFile:Jörmungandr reaching the herbs.pngFile:Leviathan's dream.png
File:Leviathan's dream conversation.pngFile:Leviathan's evolved form.pngFile:Leviathan absorbs the stone.png
File:Leviathan addressed by a boy.pngFile:Leviathan aiming her spear.pngFile:Leviathan and Bahamut arrive.png
File:Leviathan and Syrup eat.pngFile:Leviathan asked to cover up.pngFile:Leviathan asleep.png
File:Leviathan attacked.pngFile:Leviathan awakens.pngFile:Leviathan captures the Lucasite.png
File:Leviathan deciding their direction.pngFile:Leviathan defeating toripu.pngFile:Leviathan depressed in the bath.png
File:Leviathan driving out the water.pngFile:Leviathan explaining her dream.pngFile:Leviathan heading for the water.png
File:Leviathan hugged by Syrup.pngFile:Leviathan inviting herself along.pngFile:Leviathan looking up Bahamut's skirt.png
File:Leviathan mainpage.pngFile:Leviathan obtains her tea.pngFile:Leviathan sad.png
File:Leviathan searching the lakeside.pngFile:Leviathan sprays the barkeep.pngFile:Leviathan talking to the barkeep.png
File:Leviathan tries locating her spear.pngFile:Leviathan trying to break the ice.pngFile:Leviathan turns down the offer.png
File:Logo for Monobook.pngFile:Lucasite destroying the ruins.pngFile:Male.png
File:Naruto Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Octopus stuck to Bahamut.pngFile:Playing in the water.png
File:Rage Row.pngFile:Rage worried over Bahamut.pngFile:Sisters collecting water.png
File:Soldier profile picture.pngFile:Spitting out the sand.pngFile:Stones in the sky.png
File:Syrup explaining history.pngFile:Syrup faces a rockslide.pngFile:Syrup finds sinking Bahamut.png
File:Syrup found by Bahamut.pngFile:Syrup mainpage.pngFile:Syrup translating for Fire Drake.png
File:The approaching lucasite.pngFile:The giant Lucasite is defeated.pngFile:The girls eating food.png
File:The girls focus their magic.pngFile:The girls going into battle.pngFile:The girls in the spring.png
File:The girls inside Yurlungur.pngFile:The girls prepare to fight.pngFile:The girls prepare to go to the volcano.png
File:The girls receive a present before leaving.pngFile:The girls sit down to eat.pngFile:The girls walk past the boy.png
File:The injured man reports back.pngFile:The later meeting.pngFile:The lucasite in the sea.png
File:The lucasite is defeated.pngFile:The nighttime festivities.pngFile:The sisters play.png
File:Toripu escapes Jörmungandr.pngFile:Toripu sliced by Leviathan.pngFile:Trying to escape from inside.png
File:Two men conversing.pngFile:Waitress and landlady show.pngFile:Wave of Leviathan collapses.png
File:Wyvern profile picture.pngFile:Young Leviathan playing.pngFile:Yurlungur asks a favor.png
File:Yurlungur attacks the Lucasite.pngFile:Yurlungur mainpage.pngFile:Yurlungur on the scene.png
File:Zettai-Bouei-Leviathan-Syrup.jpgFile:Zettai Bouei Leviathan OPFile:Zettai Leviathan characters.png
File:Zettai Nav Header.pngFile:Zettai Wiki Background.jpg

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